The Automatic Exchange for Perpetual Futures

The Futures Exchange for Capital Protection

The Automatic Exchange for Perpetual Futures is a decentralized platform for perpetual swaps featuring a real yield-generating tri-token model, each of which provide intrinsic value to the Automatic trading experience. Traders can tailor their positions however they see fit, from adjustable leverage and conditional orders to isolated or cross-margin trading either directly from the user's wallet or through their credited platform account.
As the fastest exchange on Polygon, Automatic enables traders to maximize earnings and customize positions while providing both MATIC and native rewards to token holders when providing liquidity or staking. Users have the ability to long and short more than 15 assets with up to 175x leverage, including limit and conditional orders.
Designed to be the most Liquidity Provider-friendly exchange, Automatic's rATP Rebate token enables LP's to hedge against potential losses while offering industry-leading yield to holders who acquire rATP on the open market. Users govern the platform through Automatic's fee-bearing ATG governance token.

3 tokens comprise Automatic's platform

ALP --> Platform Liquidity Index Token
Distributed to users who deposit assets on Automatic to provide Liquidity for traders. ALP holders receive the lion's share of rewards. ALP acquires the largest share of fees and earns rATP when staked, with multiplier points too.
rATP --> Tradable Rebate Token
This rewards-bearing Rebate token shields liquidity providers from partial or complete financial losses. Automatic distributes rATP to LP's with net-negative PnL on a Quarterly basis, up to $10,000. Earn rATP through staking ATG, or acquire it on the open market.
ATG --> Tradable Governance Token
The tradable governance token which receives fees from traders and bond holders, and which governs and controls the direction and future of the Automatic ecosystem. ATG can be purchased on the open market or can be earned by staking rATP.
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